Small Business Consulting

Business development is the key to success; it allows the business owner to explore the business industry's dynamic in a way they have never seen before. The research has explored African American business ownership from a mind-set different from the traditional positions, and accounts of African Americans, and leadership theories that more accurately describe the state of African-Americans involved in business ownership. Developing successful businesses that sustain beyond five years will affect communities' by employing people, offering the convenience of a local product or service, impacting the tax base, and lowering unemployment.

Additionally non-minority business owners will also benefit from this research and allow those businesses to improve their profitability within the five year window where businesses run out of ideas and or not growing in the way the owners' predicted. Other issues were not having a business plan or education on running a business. These issues will be explored during the consultation to develop a plan for how to move forward.

Research has shown that, despite the growth and expansion of minority business ownership in the U.S., no minority-business owner subgroups have yet performed at the level of entrepreneurial parity (Bradford & Mijid, 2016; Obuko & Planting, 2015; U.S. Department of Commerce, Minority Business Agency, 2003; U.S. Department of Commerce, Minority Business Agency, 2016). Entrepreneurial parity exists when the total number of business enterprises, the number of paid individuals they employ, and the revenues they produce closely approximate the percentage of the working-age U.S. population the business enterprises represent (Mijid, Bradford, & Reedy, 2016; Obuko & Planting, 2015).

The goal of recommended research is to provide empirical data that scholars may analyze and synthesize into relational models of successful leadership style, entrepreneurial orientation, and business performance within the contexts of minority-owned businesses. The end goal is to empower minority business owners to realize the benefits of entrepreneurial parity for themselves, their communities, and the nation.

The goal of MLD Consulting LLC is to provide a comprehensive understanding of data that has been gathered by the researcher on the topic of leadership styles and how business owners perform under the pressures of “entrepreneurial orientation and business.” The end goal is to prevent further financial collapses of minority and  non-minority-businesses.

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Human Resources Management

People are the most important aspect of your business. You can have the perfect idea, the perfect plan, and the perfect opportunity, but without employees you can trust to get the job done, you’re out of luck. Even with the right employees, you still need the right style of human resources management in order to get them fully engaged and buying into your company.

Our HR management experts know how to connect with employees and empower them. An employee who knows their company cares about them will care about their company, and therefore put in better effort for better results. 

Based on your company’s goals, culture, and your employees, we can help you find the right HR management style that will treat your employees right and fuel your company’s success. Plus, we’ll help you with implementation and work with you so that you understand where you should go from there.

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We also offer notary services!

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